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    Expedition to New Guinea

    The expedition to New Guinea was initiated in 2005 and conducted the first fieldwork in 2007. Below are our history.

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    "He started in aquatic research in 2007 and directly led his first expedition, I’m one witness on his heroic first expedition to Papua suffering by malaria when he back home. Since I have been providing supports during one decade of his discovering in West Papua"


        Muhammad Erdi Lazuardi


    "Kadarusman is a very active man and so friendly. He is an international recognised scientist of New Guinean fishes. As a friend since 2005, I’m proud of him as young talented scientist and become one of my encouragement to always learn and focus on passion


       Riza A. Putranto


    "I've known Kadarusman a few years since we studied together in France. I acknowledge his excellent research capabilities. The discovery of the rainbowfish has become the pride of Papua and Indonesia where Kadarusman plays a major role in it".

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Lengguru: International joint research program

How geodynamic promotes biodiversity

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Freshwaterfishes of New Guinea

Evolution, DNA-barcoding, systematic, domestication & conservation

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  • Rapid assessment program
  • Environmental Baseline Ass.
  • Planning conservation
  • Managing expedition
  • Domesticating wildfishes
  • Managing invasive species
  • Training parataxonomy

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